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About the Gretchen Martin Law Firm

Heisel Gretchen Martin Altamirano

is not only a highly qualified attorney, but a lifelong resident of Mexico. She speaks both Spanish and English fluently. She understands Mexican law and has a working knowledge of American and Canadian customs that gives her a distinct edge in solving your ex-pat problems.

She is gregarious and friendly and has connections throughout Mexico that only a lifetime of trustworthy service could provide. When you enter the INM office with Gretchen, you will be recieved with exceptional hospitality because the staff knows that your process is being handled by a trustworthy and competent attorney.

Even though the legal process in Mexico is a bit different than you may be accustomed to in your home country, Gretchen will listen carefully to your legal problem and find an amiable and swift resolution for you in as timely a fashion as possible.

No hablo espanol?  No problemo!

The Gretch Martin Law Firm employs a friendly and efficient staff, one of whom has a good command of English while the others are eagerly learning the language. All are eager to serve you.


Wednesdays, (Miercoles) are Gretchen's busiest days as she spends most of the day at the INM (National Immigration Institution of Mexico) office in Cozumel representing her clients, but, on most days she promptly returns phone calls and e-mail messages.

You can contact her at:

01-987-869-6046  /  01-987-869-3595


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