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Gretchen Martin Completes Criminal Law Training

  Cozumel Attorney Heisel Gretchen Martin Altamarindo,  has just completed an intense course in criminal law. The course included training and updating in newly adopted laws in Mexico that affect persons who may be charged with a criminal offense.
  Martin said that, all too often, tourists and ex-patriots find themselves in legal difficulties because they are not aware of, or do not understand, the intricacies of Mexican criminal law. Consequently, they become the victim of a criminal charge even though they had no intention of breaking the law.
   With her new training, Ms. Martin is now qualified and  fully equipped to represent clients in court, before a judge.

If yo
u, or someone you know,

find yourself
the victim of a criminal charge in Cozumel, contact Gretchen Martin and let her help you sort out the situation.

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01-987-869-6046  /  01-987-869-3595

120 Av. Sur No., entre Morelos y 5 sur,
Col. San Gervasio
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico  77645




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